10 quick strategies to communicate your purpose & values in your marketing

1. Communicate your values in your tagline

2. Make your customer, not your company, the hero for acting in line with their values

3. Let your customers talk about your values for you in featured reviews

4. Display third-party certifications prominently (and explain what they mean)

5. Take advantage of every copywriting opportunity to mention your values

6. Spell out the do-good difference between a “mainstream” option and your product

7. Show your customers the best version of themselves

8. Make it easier for customers to live their values: offer tips through an educational blog

9. Update customers on your progress toward your purpose

10. Do the do-good math for your customers



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Krista Walsh

Krista Walsh


SEO Website Copywriter for creatives. Working globally from LA. Say hello: Instagram @kristawalshcopywriter, or find me at www.kristawalshcopywriter.com